By becoming a member of the association, you gain membership in the Croatian Kennel Club, which is a prerequisite for participation in exhibitions, fairs, exams, matches and other official dog shows and is also necessary for exercising the right to breed dogs with pedigrees.

The amount of the total membership fee for the Association and HKS is:

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP FEE 01.01. – 31.03. 01.04. – 31.12.
Bichon Club membership fee 150,00 KN 180,00 KN
HKS membership fee 200,00 KN 250,00 KN
In total 350,00 Kn 430,00 KN
FAMILY MEMBERSHIP FEE 01.01. – 31.03. 01.04. – 31.12.
Bichon Club membership fee 75,00 KN 90,00 KN
Croatian Kennel Club membership fee 50,00 KN 50,00 KN
In total 125,00 Kn 140,00 KN

 Membership fees are paid to the Bichon Club account in the specified total amount (amount for the Bichon Club and Croatian Kennel Club). The Association forwards the amount due to HKS and then the member, in agreement with the authorized person in the Association, takes over the Croatian Kennel Club card with which he exercises the rights of a member of the Croatian Kennel Club.

Data for payment of membership fees:

Recipient: Klub ljubitelja Bichona i srodnih pasmina

 Address: Ilica 61, 10000 Zagreb

Bichon Klub,HR-10000 Zagreb, Ilica 61
Giro account: 2402006-1100544489
Giro account number: HR9624020061100544489
Payment number: enter your OIB
Purpose of payment: surname of the payer + membership fee


Membership fee for foreign members 

FOREIGN MEMBERS 01.01. – 31.03. 01.04. – 31.12.
Regular Membership Fee 35 EUR 40 EUR
Family Membership Fee 17,50 EUR 20 EUR

Payment data for foreigners:

Bichon Klub,HR-10000 Zagreb, Ilica 61
IBAN: HR9624020061100544489

For all additional questions feel free to contact us at or at the contact numbers +385914692732 (president) or +385998452119 (secretary).