The Bichon and Related Breeds Club is an association founded on December 28, 2005, it joined other members of the Croatian Kennel Club on September 14, 2006 and subsequently became a member of the International Cynological Federation (FCI).

Bichon Club brings together owners, breeders and all lovers of cynology in Croatia and abroad.

The key goal of the Bichon Club is promoting dogs with FCI pedigree, raising and developing awareness of keeping and breeding purebred dogs, developing cooperation with other kennel associations both in Croatia and beyond, and organizing and participating in cynological and other events closely related to cynology.

 We welcome all lovers of BICHONS AND RELATED BREEDS to our Club.

Membership in the association also leads to membership in the Croatian Kennel Club, which is a prerequisite for participation in exhibitions and other cynological events and the exercise of the right to breed dogs with pedigrees.

 The association operates in the area of the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County.

It stands at disposition to all members and those who want to become one for all questions related to the purchase of a dog, education, breeding and all other topics related to our breeds.

Bichon Club has been organizing special exhibitions of bichons and related breeds in Zagreb and Varaždin for many years. Since 2020. in cooperation with the Club of Sport Dogs from Split we organize one of the most beautiful special exhibitions of the FCI Group 9 as a part of the 4 summer night shows in July.

 In addition to exhibitions, members and friends of the club are happy to gather at Bichon day, where they spend a day casually socializing with other owners and their dogs, both show dogs and pets together.

 Bichon Club provides its members with useful theme related educational workshops in the field of veterinary medicine, grooming and other similar topics.

 We invite all people of good will, dog owners with pedigrees who have identified themselves in our goals, to join our club and contribute with their work and knowledge to the promotion of bichons and related breeds..

Club Representatives






095/820 42 92



099/ 845 21 19



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1.Danijela Kobe
2. Jelena Rimay
3.Magdalena Cvijanović
4.Danijela Balaško
5.Maja Vidaković

Supervisory Board

1.Silvija Matoina
2.Suzana Šimon

3.Stipe Škorić

Disciplinary Commission

1.Zoran Živković
2.Željko Balaško

3.Milan Rimay

Breeding supervisor


099/ 845 21 19

Breeding supervisor


095/902 26 06

Payment for foreigners

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